📖 December 2023

This Christmas make a plan to get home safe

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership's (SYSRP) annual anti-drink driving campaign, a month-long activity to prevent drink and drug driving and reduce the impacts of drink and drug driving.

Driving under the influence of drink or drugs could result in a driving ban, unlimited fine or prison sentence. Even worse, it could result in a fatal collision.

During December 2022, South Yorkshire Police officers stopped 1,140 vehicles and conducted 903 breath tests. Of these, 119 people failed a test. An additional 231 drug tests were administered and 27 people tested positive. 

Businesses and venues operating in the night time economy can help spread the message about the dangers of drink and drug driving by sharing the campaign through your social media channels and on-premise.

For further information about SYSRP, their campaigns and initiatives, contact them using this form or send an email to enquiries@sysrp.co.uk 

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The annual anti-drink and drug driving campaign is delivered by the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership