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A strong city centre that is attractive to business is increasingly important for attracting and retaining high skilled jobs and investment. The future success of our city centre is about far more than retail. The fortunes of the high street are dependent on the fortunes of the wider city centre. Given national and global economic trends, this importance will only increase further in the future.

Making the most of Sheffield city centre is vital for our local economy and for contributing to the national economy as well.

Governed by statutory legislation, Sheffield’s Business Improvement District (BID) supports local businesses, empowers communities, champions the city centre and helps to drive forward the renewal of the local high street.

BID Benefactors is an exclusive partnership that adds significant weight to our advocacy activities and supports initiatives designed to strengthen the commercial trading environment and boost the local economy. It offers an opportunity to access local and national politicians, senior advisors and BID levy payers (both locally and at head office).

BID Benefactors typically invest from £10,000 upwards in our activities each year. They are influential organisations (in or outside of the BID area) with a strong agenda for corporate social responsibility and an interest in supporting policy change and championing solutions to boost city centre growth.

If you are interested in being a BID Benefactor and a partner to the BID, please get in touch with the Sheffield BID Manager Diane Jarvis.